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Create Wherever You Are

Meet the micro-factory for everywhere. Meet the Orchard.


Make magic in your community


of possible products

90% less

waste than goods made overseas


delay between new trends and your store

Bring ideas to life

The wonder of creation, available anywhere, loved by your staff and customers.

How It Works

Your Engine of Creation

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Built for users of all skill levels.

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10,200 hours of manufacturing every month; perfect for classrooms and places where production matters.

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Beloved by world renowned makers, scientists, and engineers.

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A tremendous value in a compact package (44.5" Wide x 66.5" Long x 37.4" High).

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1. Choose Your Processes

Work with us to pick the manufacturing processes that fits what you're aiming to do.

2. Smooth Installation

Relax as our team sets up your Orchard  unit and trains your team on operation.

3. Effortless Creation

Orchards provide hassle-free operation so you can concentrate on creating wonder, not troubleshooting issues.

4. Delight Your Customers

Amaze and astound by turning ideas into reality with precision and ease, surpassing expectations with every new object made.

See How It Works


An Engine of Creation

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Your Partner in Success

We are committed to working closely with you from day one to ensure your goals are not just met, but exceeded.

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Infinite Possibilities

With millions of designs to choose from, there's always something new.

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Delightful to Watch

Watching the sleek, efficient movements of fourteen modules is sure to attract attention and fans.

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Supply Subscription

Be free to focus on your core mission. We'll take care of QA and keep you making 24/7.

Help the Environment

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By making products locally you can significantly improve your environmental impact, supporting a healthier planet.

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Make products at scale without disrupting the ambiance of your store or classroom.

Trusted by those who make

3D printers for musuems
3D printers for Comic Cons
3D printers for corporate training events
3D printers for art studios
3D printers for innovation hubs


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