Meet the Orchard™ micro factory.

Putting digital worlds in the palm of your hand.


Built for the Speed of Real Life: Powering your business with an Orchard™

Your customers want their objects, not excuses.

That's why the Orchard™ is built from the ground up to be a workhorse you and your staff can rely on for reliable manufacturing in the most fast-paced environment.

* 14 build areas per unit, giving you more than 10,000 hours of manufacturing per month.

* Groundbreaking modular design so your desktop factory can grow with your business or curriculum.

* Easy to learn, even easier to use. Less than 1 hour in setup time and you are MAKING.

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A New Era in Design: Our commitment to 3D artists

The backbone of 3D printing is the models that artists just like you create every day.

That's why Itemfarm is building new tools to ensure for creators are always rewarded for their work.

Education: Inspiring the next generation of makers

We believe the future is bright when the leaders of tomorrow grow up learning how to make items in real life, not just on a screen.

Thats why we support schools and STEAM nonprofits with every Orchard unit installed.


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