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Rent an Orchard for Your Next Event


A Glimpse of the Future

Your event attendees will LOVE the opportunity to see an Orchard unit in action!

With our rental service, you can bring the exciting world of 3D printing to your event and give attendees a glimpse into the future of manufacturing.

An experience like no other

Watching an Orchard create objects right before their eyes will leave a lasting impression and make your event one that's truly unforgettable.


With fourteen build areas 3D printing in unison your attendees will be mesmerized. 


In-Person Expertise

 In addition to the Orchard hardware each rental comes with an Itemfarm staff member on-hand during your event to answer any questions and provide demonstrations, ensuring that your guests have a thorough understanding of this cutting-edge technology.


Book now and make your event one that's truly out of this world!

“I want to say many thanks again for all your help with our events this month. We're sending out exit surveys right now, but I know that many event guests cited your machine as the highlight of the night. ”

Vanessa R., CA

"I can give Itemfarm my best and highest recommendation!"

Ginhee R., CA

“Itemfarm is one of our favorites. The company is an excellent example of how we showcase exponential technology to global leaders and demonstrate the positive impact it can have on humanity."

Sarah E., CA

Past Event Partners

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