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Hardware Specifications


Pictured:  Orchard base with 14 3D printing modules attached

v2 Orchard Base 

A central hub for creation

Each Orchard unit serves as a platform for multiple different manufacturing processes depending on what your needs are. Simply plug in your modules, send your build instructions, and watch as your creations come to life right before your eyes. With its versatility and convenience, the Orchard is sure to revolutionize the way you think about manufacturing and production.



Without Modules: 50 lb

(22.6 kg)

With Modules: 78 lb

(35.4 kg)  

USB Control

Control Method & Operating System

Method: USB

Control Software: Simplify3D, Cura

Operating Systems: Mac, Windows, Linux


Machine Dimensions

Without Modules:

13.6" x 61.2" x 22.4"

(345mm x 1554mm x 568mm)

Maximum with Modules:

42.9" x 72.6" x 37.4"

(1089mm x 1838mm x 950mm)

Shaking Hands

Compatible Build Modules

Number of Ports: 14

Modules: v3 3D Printing,

                          v1 PET Recycling


Power Supply

 Input: AC 100 - 240 V~, 12-5A

Output: 750W


Ideal Ambient


59 - 90 °F

(15 - 32 °C) (17).gif

v3 3D Printing Module 

Reliable, precise, and a delight to watch

This amazing module allows your Orchard unit to bring your ideas to life via filament 3D printing. Simply plug it into your Orchard base, upload your design, and watch as your creation comes to life right before your eyes. 

Filament extrusion


Filament based extrusion

Layer resolution

Layer Resolution

20 - 300 micron

Box dimensions

Build Volume

X: 5.9" (150mm)

Y: 7.9" (200mm)

Z: 7.9" (200mm)

X, Y, Z Resolution

7, 7, 3 micron

Filament Spool

Compatible Filament

Diameter: 1.75mm

Suggested Material: PLA, PLA composites

Nozzle temperature

Nozzle Temperature

320 - 482 °F

(160 - 250 °C)


Warm Up Time

4 min

sound waves to ear

Operating Sound

<50 dBA

Ready to bring the wonder of 3D printing to your organization?

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