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Who We Are

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The itemfarm Team


Alder Riley, CEO

From his first 3D printing shop in rural Vermont to printer farms in the heart of Silicon Valley with hundreds of machines, Alder has dedicated his life to building a world where people can bring their ideas to life no matter their skill level or income. Outside of manufacturing, Alder runs Small Steps & Giant Leaps, a worldwide community of astronauts, engineers, scientists, teachers, and people from all walks of life who see a future for humanity among the stars.

Ching-Ching Shiue, CDO

A recognized biomimetics expert and self-taught digital sculptor, Ching-Ching balances a million hobbies with a driving passion for making a world where artists and creators are treated fairly and rewarded for their creativity. A true polymath, Ching-Ching loves working with--not against-- their neurodivergent brain to come up with creative solutions to big problems.

Joe Livingstone, COO

When he isn't hiking with his dog Chewbacca you can find him building and promoting opportunities for kids to create and learn. He believes everyone is a maker - they just need access to the right tools.

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